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Biocomputing Group
Prof B. Jayaram  
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(i). Professor, Department of Chemistry & Professor, Kusuma School of Biological Sciences, IIT Delhi.

(ii). Coordinator, Supercomputing Facility for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, IIT Delhi.

(iii). Ph.D. (1982-1986), City Univ. of New York, USA.

(iv). Post Doctoral Fellow (1987-88), Columbia University, USA.

(v). Senior Research Associate (1989-90), Wesleyan University, USA.

(vi). Recipient of Chemical Research Society of India Medal (2000)

(vii). Member of the National Task Force on Bioinformatics of Department of Biotechnology (DBT) (till 2009 & 2014 onwards)

(viii). Member of Physical Chemistry Programme Advisory Committee of the Department of Science & Technology (DST) (2004 -2007)

(iX). Member of Organic Chemistry Programme Advisory Committee of the DST (2007-2011).

(X). Member of the Working Group on Bioinformatics of Department of Information Technology (2007-2011)

(Xi). Vice President of Indian Biophysical Society (2006-2008).

(Xii). Head, Department of Chemistry, IIT Delhi (Sept. 2006- Aug. 2009).

(Xiii). Founder Coordinator, Kusuma School of Biological Sciences, IIT Delhi (2008- 2014).

(Xiv). Member of FIST Committee of DST for Chemical Sciences (2009-2011)

(Xv). Member of National Committee of IUPAB (2008-2011).

(Xvi). Member of the Bioinformatics Task Force of Indian Council of Medical Research (2012-2013)

(Xvii). Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Molecular Graphics & Modeling (2009-2011).

(Xviii). Chairman, DBT's committee on promotion and popularization of Biotechnology (2009-2013).

(xix) Member of Biophysics, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Programme Advisory Committee of the DST (2012-2014).

(Xx). Guided several PhDs (21 completed, 2 submitted, 5 in progress); published and presented over 100 papers in national/international journals & conferences.

(Xxi). Responsible (a) for developing Chemgenome, Bhageerath & Sanjeevini methods & softwares for genome annotation, protein tertiary structure prediction & computer aided drug design respectively, (b) for setting up a multi-teraflop supercomputing facility for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology at IIT Delhi, and (c) for making the hardware and software freely accessible at (www.scfbio-iitd.res.in) to the global scientific user community.

(Xxii). Faculty facilitator/Founder Director for two start-up companies (Leadinvent incubated at IIT, Delhi from 2006-2009 & Novoinformatics, under incubation at IIT Delhi from 2011-2014).

(Xxiii). Recipient of IBM Faculty Award (2014-2015).

(Xxiv). Recognized as one of the top five bioinformaticians in the country https://bioinformaticsreview.com/awards2018

Research Interest 
Genome Analysis, Protein Structure Prediction and Drug Design.

Email Id : bjayaram[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in  bjayaram[at]chemistry.iitd.ac.in

Prof. B.Jayaram
Mr. Shashank Shekhar  

Principal Research Scientist

Area of work: High Performance Computing , Cluster & Resource Management.

Area of interest: MPI implementation on Linux and Solaris based High end Servers, Grid technology, Shell Scripting.

Email Id : shashank[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Shashank Shekhar
Ms. Vandana  

Project Scientist

Area of work: Website designing and database management

Email Id : vandana[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Ms. Puneeta  

Project Assistant (Admin.)

Email Id : puneeta[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Dr. Abhilash Jayaraj  

Project Scientist

Area of work: Software development and application for scaffold and ligand based drug design. Molecular dynamics studies of proteins and protein-ligand complexes.

Research interest: In silico drug designing.

Email Id : abhilash[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Dr. Ankita Singh  

Research Scientist

Area of work: Protein Structure Prediction & Develpoment of P.vivax database.

Email Id : ankita[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Dr. Ruchika Bhat  

PhD. Student

Area of work: Genome Analysis.

Email Id : ruchika[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Ms. Amita Pathak  

PhD. Student

Area of work: In Silico Protein Folding.

Email Id : amita[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Dr. Pradeep Pant  

PhD. Student

Area of work: Genome Analysis.

Email Id : pradeep[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Dr. Akhilesh Mishra  

PhD. Student

Area of work: Genome Analysis.

Email Id : akhilesh[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Mr. A. Mohan Rao  

Project Assistant

Email Id : amohanrao[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

A. Mohan Rao

Former Ph.D. Students
Dr. Tarun Jain  

Scientist, Ranbaxy

NDDR, Plot No.20, Sector-18, RZD-II,Gurgaon-122001

Email Id : Tarun.Jain[at]ranbaxy.com

Dr. Saher Afshan Shaikh  

Postdoctoral Researcher, Theoretical and Computational Biophysics

3015 Beckman Institute, 405 N Mathews Ave, Urbana, IL 61801, USA

Email Id : shaikh[at]illinois.edu

Dr. E. Rajasekaran  

Associate Professor, Department of Bioinformatics

School of Biotechnology and Health Science,Karunya University Coimbatore - 641114 Tamil Nadu.

Email Id : ersekaran[at]gmail.com

Dr. Nidhi Arora  

Scientist, Roche 3431

Hillview, Palo Alto LLC, CA

Email Id : nidhiarora[at]roche.com

Dr. Surjit Dixit  

Chief Technology Officer, Zymeworks Inc

540-1385 West 8th Avenue,Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6H 3V9

Email Id : sdixit[at]zymeworks.com

Dr. Parul Kalra  

Email Id : parbhatia[at]rediffmail.com

Dr. N. Latha  

Reader & Head, Department of Biochemistry

Coordinator, Bioinformatics Facility

Sri Venkateswa College, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi-110021

Email Id : lata_svc[at]rediffmail.com[at]

Dr. Pooja Narang  

Research Associate, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics

University of Arizona, Tucson AZ

Email Id : pooja.narang[at]rediffmail.com[at]

Dr. Kumkum Bhushan  

Technical Expert-Intellectual Property 

United Lex

Email Id : kumkum[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Kumkum Bhushan
Dr. Poonam Singhal  

Assistant Professor

Hansraj College, University of Delhi

Email Id : poonam[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Poonam Singhal
Dr. Garima Khandelwal  


Email Id : garima[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Garima Khandelwal  
Mr. Ali Khosravi  

Email Id : ali[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Dr. Tanya Singh  

Email Id : tanya[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Tanya Singh
Dr. Goutam Mukherjee  

Email Id : goutam[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Dr. Priyanka Dhingra  

Email Id : priyanka[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Priyanka Dhingra
Dr. Avinash Mishra  

Email Id : avinash[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Avinash Mishra
Mr. Samarprit Chakraborty  

Email Id : samarprit[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Dr. Ashutosh Shandilya  

Email Id : ashutosh[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Dr. Anjali Soni  

Email Id : anjali[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Dr. Rahul Kaushik  

Email Id : rahul[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Dr. Debarati Dasgupta  

Email Id : buri2211[at]gmail.com

Former Employees at Scfbio
Mr. Surojit Bose  

COO & Co-founder

Leadinvent , IIT Delhi-110016

Email Id : surojit[at]leadinvent.com

Mr. Pankaj Sharma  

CEO & Co-founder

Leadinvent, IIT Delhi-110016

Email Id : pankaj[at]leadinvent.com

Mr. Praveen Agrawal  

CTO & Co-founder

Leadinvent, IIT Delhi-110016

Email Id : praveen[at]leadinvent.com

Mr. Vidhu S. Pandey  

Lead Engineer

Engineering and R & D Services 

HCL Technologies, Sec 60, NOIDA

Email Id : pandey_vidhu[at]yahoo.com

Mr. Anuj Gupta  

Infosys, Chandigarh

Ms. Gurvisha Sandhu

Research Scientist, Lead Invent

Dr. Shailesh Tripathi  


Email Id : shailesh[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Shailesh Tripathi
Dr. Anju Khanna

IPR Consultant, New Delhi

Email Id : Anjub66[at]hotmail.com

Dr. Piyush Kumar Shukla

Managing Director

Dedicated Academy Pvt Ltd., New Delhi-110067

Email Id : piyushks[at]gmail.com

Dr. Achintya Das

Strand Life Sciences

237, Sir CV Raman Avenue, Bangalore-560080

Dr. Sandhya Shenoy  


Research Interest
Protein Structure Prediction. Structure determination of drug targets using computational protocols.

Email Id : sandhya[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Sandhya Shenoy
Mr. Dhrubajyoti Biswas  

Email Id : dhruva[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Ms. Pallavi  

Email Id : pallavi[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Mr. Sahil Kapoor  

CEO & Co-founder

Novo Informatics, IIT Delhi

Email Id : sahil.kapoor[at]novoinformatics.com

Ms. Rebecca Lee  

Project Trainee

Wesleyan University, USA

Dr. Bharat Lakhani  

Email Id : bharat[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Mr. Satyanarayan Rao  


Email Id : satya[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Mr. Navneet Singh Tomar  


Email Id : navneet[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Ms. Preeti Bisht

Email Id : preeti[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Preeti Bisht
Ms. Varsha Singh  

Email Id : varsha[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

Mr. R. Nagarajan  

Email Id : nagarajan[at]scfbio-iitd.res.in

R. Nagarajan


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